The AFIEG demands that the regulatory and economical frame for the regulated access to historical nuclear electricity is swiftly clarified

While the National Assembly’s investigation commission on past, present and future costs of the nuclear industry engaged in some work, the AFIEG is surprised by the continuing lack of visibility regarding the regulated access to historical nuclear electricity (ARENH) mechanism. In first place, the AFIEG asks that the consultation regarding the upcoming decree setting the […]

Marc Boudier, new chairman of the AFIEG

The AFIEG’s bureau confirmed the nomination of Marc Boudier as chairman. He succeeds Fleur Thesmar who chaired the association since March 2012. For Marc Boudier “ At the time of the energy transition, the AFIEG intends to broaden the investment opportunities for its member in France, in particular in new power generation capacity, thus reinforcing […]

Cogeneration industry’s exit from purchasing obligation

The AFIEG, whose members support the end of purchasing obligation contracts from the decentralized production by offering valorization and market access contracts, is worried about the negative consequences of extending purchasing obligation contracts under special dispensation for some in the production sector. This will particularly affect electricity consumers and other production industries. Download the full […]